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    I have a TomTom GO 300, also i have a 700wx. has any one been able to connect two together? I am trying to get life trafic. I read that i need a BT enalbed phone, i have that. The two things find each other, but for some reason they don't connect.
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    The Treo 700wx doesn't support BT DUN, which is what your TomTom unit wants to do. I heard you can do BT DUN using PDANet, but I'm not completely sure.
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    What is BT DUN? i know what a BT is What is DUN?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xplod4202 View Post
    What is BT DUN? i know what a BT is What is DUN?
    DUN is Dial Up Network that connects your Home Desktop/Laptop and PPC as modem and use your PPC as a modem.
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    BT DUN has nothing to do with using a BT GPS receiver. It should work fine.
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    thats what i am thinking, they do see each other, they just won't connect for some reason.

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