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    I am not clear what is the difference between these two. Is PB a Today Screen Enhancer and PI a PIM?

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    Basically yes. I personally use both. PB lets me see the details of my appointments and inbox at a glance along with Contacts for easy dialing of my contacts, while PI is my personal choice PIM for actually sending, creating, updating my emails, contacts, calendar, etc....
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    I used to use PI but now with PocketBreeze, I rarely have a need to open up the actual calendar app. But both working together are great if you need that amount of detail and organization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foxdale
    here's pocket imformant: http://www.XXXX.XXX/yyyyy/xxxxx/yyyy.exe

    keygen: http://www.XXXX.XXX/yyyyy/xxxxx/yyyy.exe

    PI seems laggy to me. I've never tried pocketbreeze, but does it run smooth? I have a 700w.
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    whoops, sorry. its now deleted.
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    notify me if you find another one. i think i have mistakenly posted another one. once again, sorry.

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