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    don't know if this is by design but the keyboard lights go completely off after a short period of time....then come backon when a key ispressed.(if you can find it!)
    is there a way to enable the kb lights to stay on.
    There is on the Tytn and 700... of my biggest fears has been allayedYsic) in terms of screen brightness... somehow its as good if not better than my Tytn and 700p.
    I am REALLY hoping..and gambling that this (unocked 750v) will eventually be able to access ROCKS on the tytn in chicago.
    Now..about that keyboad issue?!
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    It appears to be by design (saving power with a small battery and a device with power-draining UMTS radio). I don't think anyone has found a way to change the behavior.
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    Haven't found a solution myself yet. There might something in the reg somewhere but I don't know where.
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    Anyone found a way to make the keyboard lights stay on longer yet?
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    Thanks for the tip. Keylight seems to just enable/disable the keyboard light function. I don't see anything there that controls how long the lights stay on, which is what I want to alter.

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