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    Ok, i'm having trouble with emails on my 700wx. I don't use outlook, i use Yahoo and AOL.

    What i'm trying to accomplish:
    - sending and receiving my emails....duh.
    - sending pictures i've taken with my 700wx camera to other people's email accounts.

    -i can set up AOL to connect and check for new email, but it won't send pictures from my camera as an attachment for some reason.
    -i set up yahoo (normal yahoo) and it doesn't want to connect to the server and retrieve my emails.

    What do i need to do?

    I want to have a stable email account (preferably yahoo, but either is fine) tied to my phone so i can send/receive freakin' EMAILS! I want to do do everything I could normally do as if i were on my home PC. Currently, I'm having to log onto the internet explorer option and going to the yahoo website to check emails. i don't like that.....i would like my phone to just check for emails every 2 hours and send them to my "message" section on the phone!!

    Anyone have any solutions, ideas, steps to follow to achieve this?

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    I suggest creating a mail2web free exchange account. You cannot fwd your aol mail there YET (they claim mail forwarding will be a feature soon when you look it up online) but you will not be sorry.

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