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    Does the Treo 750v work with a standard version of ActiveSync or is it a special Treo version?

    I need to know because my employer restricts which software will work on their computers. They won't let me run Hotsync for the 650 because it is "unsupported" but they do support Activesync. However this will be a version of Activesync they have on their servers they will not let me load from a disc.

    So do you need to use the version of activesync supplied on the disc or can you use a standard version?

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    Well you will need to load the drivers for the palm, and the ActiveSync that comes on the Palm disk is 4.2.0 (Build 4875) so anything newer than that and you should be ok.
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    I just downloaded the latest version cuz the one on the disk had a problem with the firewall of my laptop. Straight from MS and it works like a charm.
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    My firm currently only supports 4.1. In a very helpful way.

    Anyone know if it will work?

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