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    I was shocked when my electronics store said they had the unlocked 750v..
    ran down and scarfed it up.
    Of course the form actor IS the current pinnacle of convergence.
    Dissapointments right off the bat (compared to my TyTn) the data speed (which I seek!).....
    On cingular with the 'U' going..and 4bars:...382kbps.. lack of hsdpa reduces the speed to actually slower than what Ihad on the 700p w/sprint..... unless there are different cingular settings I need to be aware of.
    My fear is that cingulars version will be much better in this regard?
    Fear not with regard to screen resolution. With brightness on full it surpasses my 320x240 Tytn!
    ZERO lag in app/system switches.
    Big thing:
    I have til tuesday to return it..honestly, I might...and hold out for Cingular.ut 2 different reps told me in the same day 2007 Q1.(sorry!).
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    What store?

    Just curious.
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    and price?
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    That speed is about right for UMTS, yes it is slower than EVOD. Whenever the HSDPA upgrade comes, it will be a little faster than EVDO.

    I as at a Cingular store this morning. A saleswoman said the corporate rep told her January. But I don't think she really knew. However based on the time of year, the almost certainty of a release of the 680 soon, I would guess Q1 also.

    Glad I got the vodaphone one! If Cingular comes out with an HSDPA one and I can't get an upgrade on the vodaphone, I'll get one then.
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    ...if windows mobile ever had a chance at functionality this is it.
    a scroll wheel'd rock.
    got this at
    .for.......$800 even.
    any wayto keep the keyboard lights night they go offafter 30sec or so...pwer settings make no difference....I'm missing something.
    And..could keycaps work?
    A sad note.about ten percent of the letters pressed on the keyboard don't make it to the screen..lots of backtrckin...I'm assuming it needs a little loosining up!

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