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    Im getting a txt message that is just giberish. I use sprint business connect for my work e-mail and we use a Exchange 2000 server so I have it sending me sms alerts could that be the giberish? I used to get these after a hard reset but it would fix itself ina few hours. This time it started when I installed the threaded text and hasn't righted itself.

    I am almost certain its the "silent sms" for my email update cause %90 of the time when I get that text I can manually send/rec'v my email acct and get new e-mails

    can anyone help figure out how to get the threaded text app to stop catching the silent alerts if thats what it is
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    there are problems right now with the network on sprint. it should be fixed some time soon.
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    ok how you fully remove the palm text app
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    Did you guys ever find out what is causing this? I'm getting the same issue with garbled TEXT from 9067 on a Samsung A900 through Sprint - although this phone number used to be attached to a Treo 650
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    Welcome to the Sprint SMS fiasco.

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    No The garbled text is coming from sprint business connect. It is the hidden sms that biz conn sends your phone to tell it to sync with the biz conn server. To stop it, install biz conn on your handheld or uninstall the desk top client from your PC.
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    I had the same problem when I was on Cingular using their xpress mail (just like biz connect).
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