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    I decided to try the Fieldtest utility from the Hermes (available on XDA Developers) on my new Treo 750v, and it works.

    Not real surprising I guess, but should help anyone wanting more details. It shows lots of great information about signal strength, MNC, etc.


    It's available via the Hermes Wiki, here:
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    sorry, a bit off topic but...

    I am a long time Treo owner who just couldnt wait for the I just bought the Tytn. WOW! I am very impressed. Pulled the SIM card out of my 650 and but it in and within minutes I was surfing at up to 1499kbit/s...actually averaging about 850kbit/s (see attached). I didnt realize Cingular was up with the HDSPA network.

    This sucker flys....who needs a desktop.

    btw- that speed test is a 1mb file...6 secs...indoors....1 bar!!!
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