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    There are problems with Good on the 750. The quickdial APP (lookup doesnt go to Good, it goes to a void space, not even the WM5 contacts), speed-dial (especially pictures or ability to choose anything other than the WORK number) and SMS apps (you cant choose who to send to, you have to go into Good contacts then send SMS) do not function properly.

    Goodguy, when will there be a formal Treo750 version?
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    eker, what version of GMM are you running?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattM2G View Post
    Why would the brand name on the phone be an issue? I am sure there will be replacement plates in no time available to get rid of the Voda brand if it is that important, but out of curiosity, why?

    becuase if i am paying $800 for a phone, i'd like to have the ability to resell it in the future, by it being branded, this limits the reslae value of the device

    and if it is unbranded i can get it warrantied in the US, by Palm, not so if it is Vodaphone branded
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    How much is ImportGSM asking for the 750v, if u dont mind me asking?! and what all comes in the box when u open it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbcross View Post
    Can you describe this "sugar cube" operation?!?!

    Never tried it myself...but apparently it works.
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    Ekerbuddy, Did you get GoodLink working with the 750v? Any extraordinary steps necessary?
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    DO NOT Buy from importgsm, they are scam of the scammers
    I paid them 1690$ with bank transfer and never got the devices they promised (HTC x7501), furthermore they refuse to send me a refund,
    thus, I'm currently working on a Law suit against Eric Griffin, CEO of ImportGSM

    If you want more information about my opinion feel free to send me private message or email:
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    DONOT BUY FROM IMPORTGSM they are scam of the scammers
    I Sent them 1690$ via Bank transfer and they never shipped me the devices they promised to ( HTC Advantage x7501 ), furthermore they do not want to send me refud,
    be careful from this fraud company, owned by Eric Griffin
    i'm currently working on a Law suit against this company

    If you want to hear my opinion
    feel free to send me PM or Email
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