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    I've tried soft resetting the device a few times, but haven't found a way to hard reset the device and start over. Tried the manual but it was no help, any ideas?
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    Here you go. Did it last night, and worked fine.

    • If the screen is off, press Power/End to wake up the screen.
    • While pressing and holding Power/End, use the tip of the stylus to gently press and hold the reset button next to the expansion card slot.
    • Continue pressing and holding both buttons until the “Erase all data?” prompt appears.
    • Press Up to confirm the hard reset.
    • Wait for the progress bar on the Treo logo screen to fill before continuing to use your smartphone.

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    Actually it's a little simpler:

    Press and hold the power button
    press reset button
    Continue holding the power button until you see the erase all
    Push up on the 5-way and wait until done.
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