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    For some strange reason, my Treo kept powering off within seconds. I have turned off any power saving options via system screen and have set any power and backlight setting in PhoneAlarm 1.6 to 3-5 mins. and still goes off very quickly. Is it PA issue? I know they have had issues with Treo backlights and such. Please help!
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    Try uninstalling PA and see if that is causing it.
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    Make sure you change the phonealarm settings for the profile that corresponds with the active profile that it is showing on your today screen. If you change the "home" settings, and there is an icon that looks like a car in your phonealarm today plugin, then it won't work
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    Arrgh! This is so frustrating. I've done all that you've suggested, made sure the profiles are correct, uninstalling PA altogether, even the pa settings and even did a soft reset but when it came back online, it shut off before the screen was able to refresh completely. What is wrong with it??? I am tempted to do a hard reset but I hate reinstalling everything. I have done a hard reset but reinstalled with SPB Backup. I think the inevitable is at hand.

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