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    I'm a bit disappointed in the mail feature included in WM5. Even my SIDEKICK 2 has better email functions and it's not even a real business device. Everything that I list below is a standard feature in the sidekick 2 but is missing from WM5 Mobile Outlook:

    1. You can't add a signature.

    2. You can't setup certain accounts to always BCC a copy to another email address.

    3. It deletes mails that no longer appear on the server and there's no setting to turn it off.

    4. It uses 2 lines to display each email in the inbox with no option to change it... how aweful is that?

    5. There's no view, zoom, font size options... you're stuck with reading large type on each email it as is - no questions asked... thank you microsoft.

    6. The down button functions as a PAGE down rather than next line down. And to make it worse, the page down doesn't overlap the previous line making it hard to read emails without pausing. Of course, there's no option to change that either.

    7. There's no SORT BY date, sender, subject, size views at all... guess whats the use since you can only see 4 emails in the inbox at a time without having to scroll.

    You'd think the makers of Outlook for the PC will make a better mobile unit, but I guess not.
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    1 you can add a signature. You can only set one per account though.

    3 i think most people want it to mirror what's on the server. if you move an email to another folder when it's deleted from the server it will stay in the folder.

    4 it's much better this way as you can see a longer subject line.

    5 you can change the font size in the settings menu

    7 click on the sort by list on the right and you can sort by type, from, received & subject
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    nice job littlewaywelt
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    Oh... I didn't see the signature until now. Thanks littlewaywelt.

    I still don't see how to change the font size?
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    Go to start > settings > system > screen > text size and there you go..
    I have mine smallest
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    Flexmail, which has a demo, fixed most of my complaints about Outlook. Including full HTML support for email. It does take a bit to get it tweaked exactly how you want it but overall its a great program (New release for those that complain about speed).
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    Wow the font size really makes a difference. Mine is on the smallest now. Thanks!

    I'm not so sure I want to pay for Flexmail. While I do have many complaints about Mobile Outlook, it's still very useable - though HTML support is quite appealing. Hmm.
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    Yeah, I've been on the fence. It sure would be nice to have html mail though.

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