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    Gonna try the driver from the 750.
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    Good Luck... in a good way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LLC23 View Post
    Hey guys,
    You're work so far has been simply amazing. Real quick, there's something I've noticed. After installing one of the earlier CABs, I got the skipping problem goin on and all... but when trying music through HT820s once, right after pairing, I played some music... and for about three seconds, this icon showed up:

    What is it? During those three seconds before disappearing, the music played without a problem or skip. Is there a process running that moderates sound flow, represented by the icon possibly, that gets ended quickly? Maybe I'm the only one with the icon going away thing, but this seemed like something that was unusual. Does anyone else have something similar happening?

    i just switched to a 700wx today from a 700p. i used the sag to get a2dp on treo 700p and music played flawlessly. but yes that icon appeared instead of the inverted blue and white bluetooth icon. its like a stereo icon. but once that shows you get skip free music
  4. #124 you got BT stereo working on the 700wx? exactly again? there a cab to get or something?...thanks!
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    Just joined the forum after foolhardily purchasing the Jabra BT620s bluetooth headset *assuming* that my new treo 700wx was so badass that there couldn't possibly exist anything it wouldn't support. After having subsequently gone through a crash course in a2dp and bluetooth overnight (this is my first real experience with bluetooth), and finding some fantastic forums in the process, I figured I'd just reiterate that any info about your (hannip's) a2dp experimentation would be more than welcome .

    I also have a question. This fact that the treo's bluetooth is hard wired to the cellular radio - is this a deal breaker as far as possible a2dp functionality? Going by the logic that the 700p hardware is almost identical and can be hacked for A2dp, it would seem that no, this isn't a deal-breaker.

    Also, let me know if there's any way I can help. Treo 700wx, as I said, and more than willing to be a guinea pig.

    Actually, one more question, about the actual details of a2dp. I understand that it's all about the *stereo* transmission of audio - does that mean that downmixing stereo to a mono signal and then rerouting that from the built-in speaker to the bt headset is a potentially viable (inferior, of course) option?

    I ask so I can have a better understanding of the actual components of the problem - it sounds like you guys have managed to reroute the sound from the external speaker to the bluetooth headphones. So is the problem that the stereo transmission is too much for the treo to handle whereas the actual rerouting to bluetooth is easy?

    Just curious.

    Again, let me know if I can help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CDTV View Post you got BT stereo working on the 700wx? exactly again? there a cab to get or something?...thanks!
    Read RStalls post very carefully
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    Been hanging around the forum but with nothing to add. Has anyone gotten the stereo audio with the 700w working?
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    just posted the same question oiver at xda 750 i haven't had any luck...
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    Just so you all know, that symbol shown above is the symbol fo "wireless stereo bluetooth profile active." I get that symbol every time I turn on my ht820's w/my 750 or tytn. I can't believe you guys have gotten that far already! Try the reg hacks to improve a2dp performance posted over on xda. I can't link right now, I'm on my phone, check over at xda in the hermes section. The title of the thread is "yikes! I just fixed my a2dp skipping with this hack!"

    Got it:
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    Ive seen that icon on my 700wx.....In my dreams
    Oh well maybe someone will figure it out before 2008 Ive did my part on turning one of my wx's into a brick.
    Sprint protection plan replaced with new
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    LOL, what did you tell sprint if you don't mind?
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    I told them it stoped working then transferd to treo support.New treo 3 days later with return package for broken.Sprint has great support thats very easy to work with 99% of the time.
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    No luck using the 750 bthuart.dll driver. I'm fresh out of ideas.
    Back to using my dongle until I get my 750
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    Ive seen that icon on my 700wx.....In my dreams
    Oh well maybe someone will figure it out before 2008 Ive did my part on turning one of my wx's into a brick.
    Sprint protection plan replaced with new
    OT, but how did you get a NEW replacement when Sprint's TEP plan says you will only get a refurb?
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    Sorry i did not mention Sprint Retention depatment. I let them know how unhappy I was with Device and if they could make sure I got a new one.They noted my account-Customer will get new device- giving me the choice to go in store or have it mailed.I had it mailed
    Sprints Retention was really great.They even called me 5 days later to make sure it was a new treo sent and I was happy.
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    what I did when I had to get mine replaced was...

    I called all the service and repair centers and asked if the had a refurbished 700wx to swap with. when I found a store that didn't have one I new that they would then give me a new one. it worked.

    good thing there are many s and r stores in my area.
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    I've been following this thread off and on for months. HUGE props go to all involved - you guys are geniuses Thank You! I'm a 700W owner. The A2DP thing on the 700W seems impossible despite all. But mono blutooth audio on the Verizon 700W would be the only thing keeping me from hanging myself (kidding). After searching craploads, I still have not found ANY difinitive confirmation or method for rerouting audio (MP3's etc.) to a mono bluetooth headset - FOR THE 700W SPECIFICALLY! I have tried BT Audio, BT AudioNAV, BT Toggle... all installed successfully and ran, but did not work (on my Logitech "Mobile Express Headset" mono bluetooth earpiece). This Loitech product is solid (I returned my Motorola HT820 weeks ago, they were unused it was sad). $100 bounty for this to work, no BS. Perhaps I have missed the obvious but please, help me obi-Palm-kinobi, you're my only hope. (hannip?)
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    You are out of luck, sorry. This is why I'm moving to a treo 750.

    About the only hope left is to get the Widcomm stack to work on the 700's. I tried the version they were hacking for the Hermes devices, but I couldn't get the driver to load. Maybe I'll tinker with that some more.
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    Thanks for the response Hannip. Too bad about that. I hope the widcomm stack from the 750 would work. I don't know how to do that! Let us know if you get that to work! Thanks.
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    WX Media through BT Mono Headset.I would be loving that
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