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    So I did a hard reset yesterday (see other thread on the problems I'm now having with google maps!)

    Anyway, I set up my POP3 account on the device, it pulls e-mail down and sends it perfectly. No issues there.

    I then have to soft0reset the device due to an issue with java/google maps, and upon restart, the POP3 account has deleted itself from the messaging app (outlook). WTF???

    Is there a setting I am missing, which retains the account after soft reset? This is going to be a P.I.T.A. if I have to set up the account on the device every time I soft reset.

    How in the hell did a hard reset cause this to happen?

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    I would imagine that your soft reset was within a few minutes of the email account setup. It can take a few minutes sometimes before changes are saved and can survive a soft reset.

    you either need to wait a few minutes or soft rest using a piece of software (vs hitting the reset button with the stylus)
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