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    I am about to the point of pulling the trigger on getting an unlocked 750v as most people seem to be having success with them on Cingular's network. One final, though important, question i have but can't seem to find much about it so far on here is how are these unlocked, Vodafone labeled, 750v's working with Active Sync and Exchange Server 2003 with regards to push email and over-the-air syncing? This would be a killer for me since i want full push email and my IT department has our exchange server ready to provide it. I would appreciate any comments people have either positive or negative on this important business feature to me.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Got my unit yesterday.

    Over the air active sync to MS Exchange server works great.

    Just go in and set up your connections to your particular carrier and data plan, and you are good to go.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a Treo 700wx and OTA ActiveSync was working great. However, my 750v isn't delivering emails as fast. My desktop gets the email first. I'm thinking this has something to do with using the 700wx first?

    Icavada, do I have to change or reset something on my Exchange account since I switched devices?
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    May I ask what carrier you use, T-mobile or Cingular? If you use Cingular, what settings do you use? I am on Cingular with a 650, but have never attempted to use over the air sync since chatteremail was easier and gave me great push email service. But now would like to use MS Exchange SP2 for that since it's included.

    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 750 > AT&T Tilt > Treo 750 > Treo Pro
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    I'm on Cingular. My 700wx was on Sprint and OTA ActiveSync was working great. I use a 3rd party Exchange hosting service so I'm going to get in touch with them to see if they need to reset my account or something. I really don't think it's the 750v. It probably has something to do with switching devices and/or carriers.

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