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    HSDPA/UMTS Repeater, Does it Exist?

    Been doing so much searching.

    One thing that makes the search especially difficult; is many people interchange words like: Booster, Amplifier, and Repeater.
    But they shouldn't.
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    I used them for Verizon (CDMA) and it extended EVDO (3G). You just need the right frequency one. Call them and they will give you more info. They are only $300 and you can find them at
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    I guess I would feel better if I could find someone who was actually using a UMTS Repeater (850/1900).
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    I'm going to call Digital Antenna
    I will post back w/ what i find out.
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    *bump* Did you ever successfully boost the signal?
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    I have a Wireless Extender Z-Boost. Have used it for about 3 months.

    Don't know how it impacts the data signal since I don't have a way to measure the strength of the data signal on my Treo right now, but I guess I get roughly one additional bar of voice signal strength. I assume that both data and voice signals get impacted, but not sure.

    I live in an apartment building between another apartment building and a fire station. Cell signal in my apartment sucks without the Z-boost, and is barely usable with it. I work from my apartment on Mondays and Fridays, and my cell is basically my business phone, so people must be able to contact me on it.

    Key things to remember:

    1. The placement of the "external" pickup antenna is critical. It must be placed where the signal is the best... you run coax from it to the base unit that amps and retransmits the signal where you want it to be strong.

    2. Putting the external antenna to close to the base unit will cause the base unit to have interferance from itself---it is basically picking up its own signal.

    In my case, I am limited by the size of my apartment regarding how far away I can put the "external" antenna, so I had to come up with a trick to stop the interference problems... I basically took some aluminum foil and made a "shield" near the external antenna that would prevent it from picking up the signal from the base unit. Since I did that, I have not had any problems, and I average about one additional bar, I think. (a guess)

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    I believe UMTS uses the 2100 mhz band aside from the others you mention. If you are looking for a repeater or booster it will need to cover this band as well. Upload and download can be on two different frequencies simulataneously.
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    Pump Meister - Do you have an ATT (Cingular) T750? I'm considering the ZBoost as well, but I am very skeptical.
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    I bought a zBoost zP YX100 to increase AT&T signal inside my apartment. I had to return it, didn't have any signal improvement at all. May be someone else have a different experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by buckZor View Post
    Pump Meister - Do you have an ATT (Cingular) T750? I'm considering the ZBoost as well, but I am very skeptical.
    Yeah, I have the ATT 750 & ZBoost. Had ZBoost about 3 mos now.

    Some things to consider if you are looking at ZBoost:

    1. Is there anywhere near in the vicinity that you can get a good signal... for example, can you get a good signal on the roof of your building or in the attic. This is where the "external" antenna should ideally be located.

    2. If so, is it possible that you could run a coax cable up there to the "external" antenna? They supply a lot of coax cable with the unit, but you can just buy more at an electronics store if you need to extend it.

    3. Where do you want the best signal strength to be? This is where the base unit should be located.

    I discovered that antenna placement is critical.

    If you don't have a place in the vicinity that you can get a good signal and you can install the "external" antenna, you should not buy the Zboost.

    My antenna placement is not optimal, but is the best that I can do with where I am living (in an apartment building). I get one additional bar on my phone, but it is possible that you could get *more*.

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    The Treo 750 phone supports both GPRS-EDGE and 3G UMTS HSDPA. It picks what ever is available. The problem is the 3G coverage in my home is MUCH weaker than the standard GSM GPRS EDGE coverage in my condo. My phone will flip back and forth between regular EDGE and 3G causing lots of dropped calls. If I disable 3G on my phone and force it to use EDGE only my phone is rock solid all day long. I'm hoping to find a device that will allow me to keep 3G enabled. I'm pretty sure 3G UMTS HDSPA uses a different frequency though. (not 1900) I tried the one from wireless extenders but it's 1900 only so it didnt work. I need to make sure it's going to help with 3G. Who makes a device that supports boosting 3G coverage? (UMTS HSDPA, AT&T in San Francisco)

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