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    So, as stated on the Adobe web site, the flash player should integrate into Pocket IE and handle embedded or non-embedded swf files.... but it does not seem to do this.

    Am I doing something wrong? Anyone have any experience with the flash player for PPC?

    I'm really wondering if I can get some dailymotion going.


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    I'd also like to hear about anyone's experience with this and getting it working.
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    Alright, so I found Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 Beta download for WM5 last night, signed up, downloaded, installed, and registered.

    This is their standalone player (no integration into Pocket IE), and specifically states that it is based on Flash Player 7 "technology" and does not support Flash video. So, regardless, I don't think Flash Player 7 supported Flash video; so my idea is shot. But I'd still like to get embedded Flash going... so if anyone has any other ideas (beyond this flash lite), feel free to lay em out.


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