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    Would someone be kind enough to PM that link my way as well?
    Sprint Treo 700wx on Minneapolis network
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    I need it as well. I had the old one installed but I lost my phone and I finally got the replacement so I need to reinstall it
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    Please send it my way as well. Thanks a bunch!
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    my 700w from Verizon goes to "No Service" after the soft reset after copying over the 13 files to the /windows directory. i've tried it several different times but it essentially makes my phone a hockey puck and i have to do a hard reset to get service back.

    beta 4 install
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    Can someone please PM me with the link/file?
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    need link file also
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    Great job... but can someone explain to me what "threaded SMS" is and why its so much better than what the 700wx comes with?

    Sorry for being a n00b. I hear so many people talking about this... yet I have no clue what it means.
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    Can someone PM me the link for beta 4 as well?
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    Can someone PM with the link too!! peeze!!
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    Working like a charm on my 700W is where I got it all from.
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    Wonderful!!! Great work!!!
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    I've noticed people asking for the beta 4 file and the beta 3 file. I'm assuming the one I want is the 4, right? And could someone please send me the link, too?

    Go Buckeyes!
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    My 700w should be arriving at my office tomorrow or Friday at the latest so I can set it up while here instead of at home and I'd like to get the threaded SMS working also. Can someone send me the link for it and do the directions in the 1st post work for the 700w's from Verizon?
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    can someone PM me the file please, thanks a lot.
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    For anyone wanting the app, please go to the thread below. Make sure you are logged in as a member or you will not see the attachments on the first post of it.
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    how do u select display all files on the resco explorer
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    Menu->File->Options click on Browser tab and select the Show all files radio button. Also uncheck any of the boxes on the page.
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    I can send from the threaded SMS app, but when I receive texts back, they go back into the old inbox and aren't threaded. What did I do wrong?
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    Remove poutlook from your \windows\startup folder and soft reset.
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    Okay, now everything is all f'd up. Luckily I backed up before I did this. Does anyone know how to restore my treo to the way it was before I did this? I used SPB Backup.
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