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    I'd very much appreciate a copy as well. Thanks very much.
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    Just throwing out a thank you!!! Worked on the first try!
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    Hello all. New to TC.

    I have been trying to get the SMS hack .cab for some time. I would love if someone could email it to me. I posted on another topic but have yet to receive it. Not sure if everyone who reads my request thinks someone else sent it. I'll post a thank you when I get a copy.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Got it thanks!!!
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    hey could someone please send me that cab file also??
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    I have this running GREAT on my Cingular 8525, here in Austin TX. After I installed it, I could still access the old MMS messaging interface via my email hard button, and I had a couple of strange folders in Explorer, one disappeared on it's own after a soft reset. Anyway, here's the steps I followed to install:

    1) run the cab, Soft Reset.
    2) edit the registry to rename HKLM/Software/MS/Inbox/SVC/MMS1 to MMS1OLD, Soft Reset. Otherwise you still see MMS if you click your email hard button a second time.
    3) Go into new SMS app, Menu, Options, Advanced:
    Msg Center#: +12099042020
    Email Center#: 121 <--this lets you send sms's to email addresses
    MMS gateway address:
    MMS URL:
    Network Profile: MEdia Net
    4. Delete Start Menu/Programs/Inbox(1) folder.

    That's it - hope this helps someone out!
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    Just got my new Treo 700WX and I'm hacking it to death! This is the only hack that I need to make it how I want it.

    If someone can PM me with the hack, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks again cody!
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    Just wanted to show my gratitude for this wonderful app! Worked perfectly on the first installation and I'm in threaded SMS heaven! Thanks hannip for creating this app and thanks to DonTido and hannip again for sending me the link to the file!!
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    Is anyone having a problem that when you send a text someone receives it like 2-4 times? So if i sent one that said "Hey" the person i sent it to gets it at least 2 times!

    Anyone have a solution for this?
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    Oh man, I got the set up. It works like a charm, no install problems at all. I have a question about MMS. I have Sprint as my provider and an unlimited data plan, can I still send and receive MMS messages normally on this network?

    Feel free to PM me if you need this.
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    sounds like a dream app, think i'll try and give 'er a go. can someone please send the cab to me? thanks!
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    Would love the cab file. Does this work on WM5 Moto Q from Sprint?
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    I have virtual push on my Gmail account using PushEffect, but someone reported a conflict with threaded SMS. Is anyone using both successfully?
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    ok i got the file i install it fine it works fawless but when i send pic. it gives me a (out of memeory ) error i have sprint my network configuration reads

    massage center number: ________
    email center number: 6245
    MMs gateway address: ________
    MMS Url:
    network profile: default

    please can anyone help

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    Sending pictures only works with Hermes devices on the Cingular network with this app. Delete any failed mms attempts from your outbox or you will continue to get OOM errors.
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    what is sms threading?
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