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    Ok. The following email addresses should have a nice surprise in their inbox. These addresses are all from page 16 of this thread.....

    If anyone could figure out how to tweak this for the T-Mobile Dash. When you press the back key, it exits the program. So if I want to see another threaded conversation, I have to end task on the program and relaunch it to choose the other thread....
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    so much appreciated if someone could send to

    Love to try this out this weekend!
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    anyone know if this works for windows smartphones as well?
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    I have searched and searched and can't find the sms thread .cab file. Could someone please send it to me? I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    Ahhhh. Fabulosity. Even got the little smiley feature back. SMS on the 650 was simply stunning. Now I have it on the 700wx.

    Thanks Codyppc for the link.

    For those of you looking for the CAB, look backwards in this thread for Cody's post(s). He had his Treo grafted to his hand so expect a speedy response. Hand + Treo implant = Bionic Man.

    EDIT: Now I want to know why Palm isn't doing this for us.
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    Just got my 700w a week ago and i would really like to try this out.

    thank you in advance.
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    Thanks Cody for the file.

    WTF didn't these vendors make this mod days, weeks, months ago?
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    Has anyone found that the threaded SMS has crippled Bluetooth? I wouldn't want to create a problem by resolving another!
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    Hi...can someone send me the beta4 cab file also. email: I want to try this also.

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    I installed the patch and Bluetooth still works. As well as BT on a Treo, that is.
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    I can't find theThread Beta 4 cab file. Can someone send it to me?
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    Are we able to post little perceived glitches with the threaded SMS app on this thread? If I'm wrong, please move my message moderators.

    I've discovered that this issue happens when someone sends me a message that is longer than 160 characters. It "clogs" my incoming messages, sometimes for hours on end. Sending seems to be fine, since people get my messages (They've called me to tell me); however, I don't get their replies until I either remove the battery, and re-program the phone via *228 (opt 1) or turn the radio off, then on again. If this problem has been posted already, and there is no fix, sorry, I searched the forum and couldn't find anything similar.

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    Anyone seeing messages sticking in the outbox? I had this issue yesterday for the first time in months. I'm on a Sprint 700wx.
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    can someone email the .cab to me as well? thanks
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    Hi, can someone send me the file also?

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    hey sory to b late and bother but i def cant find that sms threader cab file either please email me
    i would really really appreciate it.. thanks guys :-(
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    I have been running the CAB 4 for 2 months now without any problems. Note, I do no MMS. I use email for that.
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    Still no problems for me. I have never had an sms stuck in the outbox since the fix, never had a leaked sms to poutlook and I receive multipart sms fine.

    If you receive a long sms from a 700wx user that hasn't installed the sms patch from Palm (including sms sent to yourself) it will clog up your sms for days.
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    Wonder if that's what's happening to me. Noticed it also clogs my inbox when I get a long message from an email address. generally, it happens when I get a long email from another vzw user. I hard reset last night and I'm back to boring non threaded text. maybe it was a network setting for my account.
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    This is the absolute coolest. I can't believe I waited so long to install this.

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