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    My new WX will go to voicemail after 4 unanswered rings. Sometimes it takes me longer than that to get to the Treo. Is there a way to set the phone to ring longer before going to voicemail?

    While on the topic of voicemail - here's another one. I downloaded a couple of midi files to use for the ringtones. When I go to voicemail and answer an unlistened number, the ringtone starts playing and doesn't want to turn off regardless of what I do. Has anyone heard of that happening?
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    In answer to my voicemail question, Sprint said that currently there was no ring extension before going to voicemail. After 23 seconds of unanswered rings - to voicemail we go.
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    nextel did the extended ring tone if you requested it. i as well asked for this with sprint but wasn't able.

    the one thing we can do is figure out how to change the slot cycle index this will allow the phone to ring faster.

    test... call your cell phone from a landline and see how many rings you hear on the landline before your cell starts ringing. this is slot cycle index.

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