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    Hi friends, can anybody confirm the experience of unexplainable problems with GSM reception?

    Regularly I lose the signal coverage when making a new call. Undependetly of network operator, I dial a number (when in roaming), Treo cancels the dialing process and the signal bar goes down to comletely out (no signal) and at the same moment, it stops to search for new signal. I need to restart the phone application.

    Another prob is that when dialing a second, additional dialing ring appears which is extremely loud so I got pain in my ear.

    But the best one at the end: After two days I got an email from my business partner which complained that he's is calling me since two days and I never call him back - I never got his call on my Treo !! Then I checked and several people reported the same problem. The Treo just do not show notify me in any kind at 5 of 10 incoming calls. Whats happening??
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    I haven't seen anything like that. Have you ever soft-reset it? If not I would do so and try calling it yourself to see if it is working.
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    My reception seems normal. I get all the bars in the Northern Subs of Chicago. I am also in a high rise office building.
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    You may get better answers if you could provide more information like:

    - treo model
    - location
    - wireless carrier
    - Data plan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome View Post
    You may get better answers if you could provide more information like:

    - treo model
    - location
    - wireless carrier
    - Data plan

    Thanks - I've got the Treo 750v from Vodafone directly, using it in Germany but can confirm definitely the problems described when I'm in roaming e.g. in Czech republic, in the Vodafone network. But got the same problems also when switched to another roaming networks like T-Mobile or Telefonica o2.

    Now I'm not sure whether I can 100% rely on it when I'm in the home network in Germany, I do not have the problems with losing the reception or having the second extremely loud ringing signal, but how can I be sure :-)
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    Vodafone in CZ-republic is an awful thing. A colleague of mine goes frequently to CZ with a German Vodafone phone. I often don't reach him and he will not get a notification. And he is using a regular Nokia 6230i that is on all the time. The problems lie with the network and not the phone.
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    I hope so 'cause I do not want to give the Treo away. But hear that the first time, I had this experience the first time in Prague, it might be and will check this Sunday again :-)

    Thank you SpeedDemon for your comments!
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    Since yesterday I no longer feel alone, look here:

    = exactly the same problem

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