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    I am aware of the iGuidance slow voice problem.
    I know that if you shut off the data connection the slow voice problem is fixed.

    When I shut the data connection off, it turns right back on.
    Is there anyway to shut it off permanently until I manually turn it back on?

    It's getting real annoying shutting the data connection off, and having it come right back on.

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    Pretty sure some have said they still had the problem with data turned off. They are working on a patch that was suppose to be already out. It should be out soon to fix the issue.
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    After I turn the data connection off. The slow voice goes away.

    It sucks having to look at the screen to see when my next turn is coming up.
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    how do u turn it off manually?? I can't find it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianh715 View Post
    how do u turn it off manually?? I can't find it
    On the top of my screen I have two white arrows facing opposite directions.

    Tap on the arrows and a "Connectivity" tab should pop up. Click the disconnect button at the bottom of the tab.

    The data connection should drop. It will reconnect the next time it polls for new e-mail.

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