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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the Treo brand, but not new to PDAs. I am happy to be a member of this community. It really seems like you guys know alot about the Treo and care about developing for it.

    A little bit of my history...My last few pdas were great, but I had some issues with them. I work in an ER and my most important chore for a pda is quick access and an ability to carry it with scrubs. I have broken 3 touchscreens (HTC universal, iPaq 4350 x 2), and decided I needed a better way to carry my PDA. I found Seidio's holsters are awesome and highly recommend them.

    Anyhow, as I said, I broke an HTC universal screen, then my second Uni had digitizer issues. This is not a cheap device to fix! I jumped to a BenQ p50, but had multiple issues--keyboard backlight went bad, sd card wouldn't read, no decent holster options. Then to a ppc6700. The sliding keyboard and slowness of the device drove me crazy, but Seidio did make a decent holster! Next is the Treo 700wx...

    The 700wx is good, but wow do I feel like I have regressed. The small screen I can tolerate, but the lack of onboard wifi and the slow processor are unbelievable. I can't use TCPMP to play movies I played on the 6700. The device just crashes. I hate taking time to convert films, but I guess I'm gonna have to. Also, the non-standard charging pins are a pain; guess I have to carry more cables. OTOH, the keyboard is great, battery is decent, and the device does quick screen redraws compared to my other WM5 devices. The extra memory is also great.

    Anyhow, I'll try to be an active member of this board. You guys have already given me some great tips. Glad to be a part!
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    Welcome aboard.
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    I'm not sure what you're using to play videos on your 700wx, but I encode vids for my 8125 (which has a VERY slow 200mhz processor) and it usually plays fine. I would recommend PocketDivxEncoder as it works VERY well, reduces the file size, keeps quality, and encodes quickly.
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    Thanks you two.

    Gadgetluva, the Treo chokes when it tries to play a near dvd-quality DivX using TCPMP, i.e., a 700mb file. I keep most of my rips near this level of quality. The HTC uni, apache (6700), and the BenQ can all play these files with mild difficulty. The Treo just freezes and requires a soft reset. The only way I can get it to try and play them is with the quality set at very low which makes for a 1cm x 1 cm screen, and even then it can't play it without skipping many, many frames. Note that I have even tried it with xpuscalar at speeds over that of the 6700 or BenQ, and it still won't play, so I'm wondering if it is more related to the treo than the processor.

    I know, I could just rip into a lower framerate, but that just takes time.

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