I don't know if anyone has any insight here, but I thought I'd shoot for it.....

A day or so ago, upon waking my computer, my firewall asked me if I wanted to grant outbound access to Active Synch.....I did just for that occasion.

My usual USB port didn't work either when I tried to synch my 700w.

I don't know if these incidents would be related, but now I have a file in my Temp folder called, "Perflib_Perfdata_798.dat" that cannot be deleted (says it's in use). I don't think I've ever noticed that before either.

It seems to generate a "WCESCOMM.LOG" file in the same folder that keeps growing with repeated lines that say, over and over:

"10/18/2006 13:28:26.828 - Connection: failure to listen on any socket, stop listening.
10/18/2006 13:28:26.843 - Connection: Disable listening for a new socket connection (1)."

Additionally, other files such as "frqhqerganyc.ABI" and "PMShared" are added.

Is AS just looking for a connection to an external device......and is this typical to do so every 5 seconds? Or is this something worse?

Any ideas or experience with this? Thanks!