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    Which of these, if any, have the ability to mute from the headset without touching the phone?
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    incredible demo ..

    How much are they selling one of these? Any deals. Not in States at the moment, wonder if its distributed across Asia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rino808 View Post
    there is a hack to change the A2DP to stereo...

    try this...

    Improve A2DP Quality on the 750
    Palm ships the 750 from the factory to output Mono using A2DP. Here's how to make it stereo and improve the quality. The bitpool of 48 seems to be the Treo's sweet spot for quality and skip-free performance.

    Will that allow my 750 to play music in the background with the screen off ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ion++ View Post
    Will that allow my 750 to play music in the background with the screen off ?

    No. See my response here:

    You can also pick up a more robust music player like Core, Conduits PocketPlayer, or PocketMusic that will either auto shut off the screen for you or allow you to have a key toggle to turn off the screen. I find using the screen saver app in the thread above a better solution as it locks the treo keys and works from wherever I am (ie in another app or on the Today screen).
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    I have tried the jawbone, exchanged for another one and finally returned it a week later. The design is unique, I kinda liked it, but it wasn't too comfortable for me with the ear hook. I tried leaving myself voice mails with music playing in the back ground, tv turned or standing outside on a noisy street with trucks constantly going by just to see what it sounds like on the other end. While it does somewhat lower the background noise, it doesn't eliminate it, I can still hear a good amount. While I can live with that, what I didn't like was the incoming sound. It sounded very hallow and lacked any bass whatsoever. I thought it might be a defective unite, so I exchanged for another, and it was the same thing, and finally returned it altogether.

    I do agree that not counting incoming sound quality, it is by far the best at removing back ground noise. Right now I'm using the Jabra 8010, and while it does not do a better job at eliminating background noise, the incoming sound is so much better, it sounds more realistic and less hallow and robotic. And the fact that I never have to touch my phone to do anything is a bliss. It even has a seperate phone book that can store up to 30 contacts in addition to an incoming call list. And I never thought its useful but having a caller ID is just fantastic, oh and the 10 hours of talk time isn't too shabby either. This is my own PERSONAL experience though.
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    I just bought the jawbone and am using it with my 750 and for me..or people I am talking to it isn't that great. It sounds very tinny on both ends. I paired with my blackberry pearl and my wife said it was great..lg enV..pretty good..treo 750 was worst of the three. Must be something with btooth on treo.
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    I've also tried the Jawbone with my 750v, an E62, and a Samsung P300. Always sounded tinny to me and the other side of the call too. Wasn't comfortable for me either, or my wife or any of my friends who tried it before I returned it to Aliph. I'm surprised how many people like them, I couldn't give mine away.

    The 750 definitely has some bluetooth & voice command issues. My Plantronics 655 which has served me well through several phones, was terrible with my 750. The JX10 was just OK, but I'm not very impressed by the sound quality. So far, I've been happiest with a WEP200.
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    I would also put in a BIG NO to the Jawbone. The bluetooth section has plenty of reviews about it. I tried it for 25 days and I really didn't like it. It seems to work initially but the problem is that you sound like crap to the caller because while you are talking, they can not talk at the same time and you will not be able to hear what they are saying. Your voice will also be clipped when you start talking. My friends could always tell when I was using the Jawbone because they were constantly annoyed by the conversation. I switched to the Plantronics 510 and am very happy.
    One thing I like about the Treo 750 is that it has the best Bluetooth of any other Treo I've ever owned.
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    I don't know about you guys, but my Jawbone works just fine. I have never had a complaint from anyone else that they can't hear me. As far as how people sound, I don't need them to sound any better than what I hear on the headset now.

    It works just fine and at least I can voice dial in a windy environment as opposed to the Moto H700, Logitech Freedom, and Cardo Scalar 700 that I have had.
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    I've had mine since it was released and it's still awesome. It's the one headset I've owned where I have gotten the LEAST complaints from the people I'm conversing with.
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    Well this thread has officially become a repeat of these two threads

    People coming out of the woods to tell you how much they think the Jawbone is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Moderators can we move this thread?
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    Tried over 18 BT headsets trying to find one that was workable in a top-down convertable. Finally gave up, so just went for best non-car performance. Tried Jawbone, returned it the next day because I could not hear my callers, even when stepping out onto the sidewalk. Finally got Plantronics Yoyager 510, and it is really great. And, it turns out, works pretty well in a convertable. My callers can hear the wind noise, but they all report no problem hearing me, and it is loud enough that I can hear them.

    Looks pretty big, but it is so light that there is no problem with slinging around with head movement, etc. I wear it for six or seven hours at a stretch, no problem.
    Mike Caldwell
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