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    i dont understand all this. how does the voice command work on the 750v through blue tooth and doesn't on the 700wx?

    one answer was the voice command was writen for 16 kbs and bluetooths run on 8 kbs. i dont understand all this so i'm just asking, how come it worked on the ppc6700 and xv6700?

    on the 750v, did thay change the voicecammand to work on 8 kbs with the 750v?

    is it all in the bluetooth stack?

    is this a new version of voicecommand that is not offered on the microsoft site yet? some thing like voice command 2.0

    bottom line is this is what i miss the most from the 6700. is this something that we can see extracted from the 750v, or are we going to have to pray it comes with the update?

    thanks, cody
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    From what I've read in these forums, the bluetooth stack on the 700w/wx is tied in directly to the cellular radio. Meaning a bluetooth headset will only work in a call and not for voice command or listening to media player etc. I believe the phne needs A2DP inorder for the bluetooth audio to work with voice command and media player.

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