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    I never even thought of upload speed. I have no idea what mine is...but I have cable so it is prb not that great.

    My EVDO tends to be in the 250 to 320 range. Hopefully that will increase.
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    Upload is what the slingbox relies on the most... it's converse to what you'd normally be using the internet for... providers go with the idea that most people will be downloading websites and files more often than they would be uploading or sending out data, so you get high download speeds but slow upload speeds... the way a slingbox works you're pretty much downloading a video stream from your house. if you can't send it out faster than the phone can receive it, you start to have issues

    most residential internet connections have either a 256k or 768k upload... you can try doing a dual speed test at or someplace to find your approximate up/download speeds... almost all providers advertise speeds as download/upload, so i have a 15M/1M plan but i used to have a 3Mb/256Kb, i remember the good ole days with verizon dsl at 1.5Mb/90Kb... but i digress

    and you always have to remember the magic word of broadband- "up to"... i can get up to 15Mbits, but my real world is actually closer to 8, and my upload is closer to 800kbits
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    You need to be very careful of doing any amount of this on Verizon's network. They officially state now in their terms of services that apply to all customers new and old that anyone using more than 200MB an hour or 5GB in one month will have their account subject to termination.

    You will get charged the $175 early term fee and will also loose your ability to have an account with the carrier for an unspecified amount of time.

    For those that want to know. 455Kbps is the bitrate at which you will hit the magical 200MB/hour rate. Be careful what you do on Verizon's network with a PDA phone. Sprint has no such limit, but I do notice a significant difference in speed around here between 12pm and 12am. At 12am there is a LOT more bandwidth available.

    Also note that there is 1024 units in anything relating to bytes.

    1024 bytes in a Kilobyte
    1024 Kilobytes in a Megabyte
    1024 Megabytes in a Gigabyte

    BUT....there is
    1000 bits in a kilobit
    1000 Kilobits in a Megabit

    You get the idea. Make sure you do your math accordingly.
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    just bought a slingbox AV. pretty neat. Laptop quality is great, but when i use my 700wx with sprint, i only get 1 fps! it says around 138-160 kbps. When i do a speed test with PIE, i got 750kbps. Something wrong? i hate only having 1 fps. horrible.
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    The fps should build..If your stuck at 1 you might want to reinstall.
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    Why does verizon always have to be so nit-picky on data usage? Makes me want to give it up and go Sprint of Cingular.
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    Sprint+WIMAX=Faster data speeds .I cant wait
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    generally, PPC6700 handles sling mobile better than my 700wx. both directly on the unit and tethered to the laptop (watching sling on laptop). Maybe b/c PPC has faster processor. for example, PPC gets past the optimizing state faster. I get higher kbps and fps generally on the PPC as well

    One other thing, I have the most recent version of sling media. but on the treo, every time I hit the left or right dial pad key, the stupid sling mobile goes into Control mode. I have to hit the Player Mode...Control Mode and (must do this) use the stylus to select "ON" to get the unit off control mode.

    Anyone experience this?
    ... Go Go TREO !!! The 700wx and T755P are awesome
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    Total Agreement on that!! now how do I flash it 4 alltel?
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    Anybody try this yet?

    Alternative to Slingbox?
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