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    I performed a search and came up with nothing.

    I know it must be an obvious feature, but does anyone know how to add words to the Word Completion dictionary?

    Thanks very much,

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    Cool... I'm using that Word Completion Dicionary Editor.

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    Does anyone know a quick way to "accept" the autocomplete word without doing the up-arrow, then enter key? maybe...just one touch? I'm also using KaiSoft's AutoCorrect, which is great to use for auto/quick text especially when you do a lot of emailling on the device.

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    I'm finding touching the box on screen does that.
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    I just accept the suggested word, with the 5-way. Up (or down, as needed), and then hit the center of the 5-way, and it's very quick. Fast, smooth, doesn't really seem to interrupt my typing.

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