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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    You can save some space by UPXing some of the files in the cab. I was able to UPX the following:

    I did this right after the install (before rebooting), just in case that matters. Tmail.exe compressed did not work for me, I had to re-copy the one in the cab.

    Total saved was 1.4mb, so if you UPX everything (as I do), you'll come for the savings, you'll stay for the threading.
    ha! I was just going to install the Palm app and was thinking about which files to UPX...great timing

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    Yeah, good info. Cody has been bugging me to redo the cab install to make it easier. I might as well UPX these files while I'm at it. Thanks for the info!
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    can anybody pm me with the new beta, i lost it when i redid my pc, thanx
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    can someone please e-mail me the latest CAB files for this app. i can't find it anywhere. thanx in advance
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    Come on... read the sticky, instructions on how to get it are there...
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    Is there a new cab then Beta v5 for a WM5 device or WM6 Device? I have both. If so how can I get it?

    Can someone give me a link or e-mail it to

    Thanks in advance!
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    can anyone please send me the latest cab file for the treo 700wx, i would greatly appreciated it! ive been looking everywhere for it

    Thank you!
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    hey, can I get the link to the latest beta? Thanks for all the hard work!!!
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    If u guys would read the sticky, u will have all the info u need.
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    Nice to see this thread again (but I refuse to go back and read it!)

    Best thread ever on treocentral, by far IMO
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    I had no problem when I used it with my 700wx...but it just kind of got annoying especially when someone would send me picture mail in the threader...the window would stay open whenever i opened up the picture mail. Anyone else have that problem?
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    There's a nice new threaded SMS client on the market, costing just under five dollars. It has got great popup notification functionality; quick buttons for making a return call or SMS; and great display configurability. Check for more information.
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    And even a newer one: SMS-Chat at
    This one features superb graphical user interface. SMS-Chat organizes all text messaging into separate threads and allows manage sms messaging with fingers.
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    how do i get the sms for my 700w
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    I use verizon wireless and can no longer send sms messages to a regular email address.
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    Has anyone gotten this error?
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    What are the configuration for MMS/sprint?
    edit: nm i got it

    Server name: Sprint
    Gateway: leave blank
    Port number: 80
    Server address:
    Connect via: Select sprint
    Sending size limitation: 350kb
    WAP: Select WAP 2.0

    What are the configurations for Verizon?
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    is there another way to get rid of the double text messages that appear on the threaded text and palm's text? When I receive a message, it goes to the palm outlook text system first, then it trickles into the threaded sms app. I tried downloading sbp diary,and that didnt work. Is there a hack to completely remove palm's texting app? I prefer using the threaded.

    Pleeeease help!!
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    I tried spb diary, hard reset, deleting poutlook from start up, EVERYTHING! nothing gets rid of the double messages....Am I missing something with the beta 5? it sounds like beta 4 was a better hack?

    Help! I really love this application!
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    Awesome work people!

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