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    forgive me if this is a stupid question...I'm new to the 700w...but if it works on the wx...will it work on the w? thank you!
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    it does work on the 700w
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    Hi can someone please please email me the app? i have been looking everywhere for a working version. thanks!!
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    Just got my Treo today and could really use the app. If anyone would be so kind to please email me the app as well as I can't find it anywhere on google. Thanks.
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    And by the way, it's not a good idea to post your complete e-mail address on a public forum. Crawlers can pick it up and you'll get spammed.

    At least change the @ for [at]
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    Is it possible to send Palm SMS Thread Beta 4 cab file to my email?
    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo700wxBELL View Post
    Is it possible to send Palm SMS Thread Beta 4 cab file to my email?
    Thank you!
    Post 1586 in this thread.

    And thank you Cody for connecting me on Saturday. The CAB installed flawlessly and I now have glorious threaded SMS on my 700wx.
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    Can someone please send the .cab file to

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvDucs View Post
    Can someone please send the .cab file to

    You've got mail.
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    Weird issue: I wanted to test this out before I started deleting files so I installed the cab and renamed the poutlook file from the Windows\Start Up folder. After I did a soft reset the Palm Messaging app was on my Today screen as well as the Outlook plugin. I sent a message to myself from my Sprint control panel and Palm Messaging picked it up. I also sent and received messages to my friend and Palm Messaging worked with both.

    I guess my concern is I didn't follow any instructions and all seems to be working right now. Is this OK or is something going to corrupt down the road?
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    I have verizon and was wondering if MMS is the same thing as text messaging. I have 2000 text messages but this doesnt include mms (i think)

    Anyone have any ideas
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    btw is this the same sms app that hanniP put up a long time ago or this something different cause people keep saying beta? iv used the hannip one and just have certain issues with it where ill get on a text conversation and after a while to some people some of my messages dont go through or of i mass text message then my inbox messages all display one same name until i go in the messages themselfs...anyone else getting this or can clairify my questions thanks
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    I have installed the threaded chat and love the app. The only issue I have is sending a message from the chat window leaves the message in my outbox. If I resend it the message goes everytime. Is there a fix for this. I have unistalled the app and tried again, same result?
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    Hi can someone please email me the app? thanks!! =)
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    Email sent.

    Is this install reversible if I don't like it? I'm thinking about trying it on my 700w to see if I like it and then I might install it on my 700wx if I decide to get it. Thanks.
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    can someone please send the .cab file to me.

    thank you very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznyeast View Post
    can someone please send the .cab file to me.

    thank you very much the 2 posts above yours.
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