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    I hate to be another on the PM list... but can someone send me the new working version for the wx?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blend View Post
    Alright folks. Hannip and I got this all figured out. Stay tuned....We got a fully working (I hope), minus MMS, BETA 3 on the WAY!!

    Hannip..Check your PM
    Awesome blend!

    hmm, I think we are going to have a problem trying to get a cab to install over those rom files though. I can offer a beta3 cab putting these into the Palm Messaging folder but then there will be some manual steps to copy the files over to \windows. Not for the faint of heart. Backup required!
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    bring it
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    Yeah...It will be part cab, part copy into \Windows.
    THAT MEANS BACK UP FIRST!!! please..
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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanrobinson View Post
    bring it
    Ok, stay tuned...
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    I just did a fresh back up...I'm ready.

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    Please PM me as well. :-)
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    I'm ready to test this also... just let me know
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    We just gotta confirm that it is working and put it into one package (it's in many right now) and we will get it out...promise

    Well I'll be...Phonealarm even opens up the correct mailbox Awesome..
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    <----waiting on the edge of his seat!
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    pm me it too, please
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I didnt specify...but obviously id love the pm too!
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    Hold on guys, almost there. Performing a smoke test...
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    Christmas came early this year!
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    I'm ready to, I've got several backups...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    Hold on guys, almost there. Performing a smoke test...
    Did everything work for you?
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    The older MMS hack from still works great also. SMS is no longer in outlook, but MMS is there(if you have the hack) and it works fine
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    hannip, soon as its ready, ill test beta3 like last time.
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    So far so good. I didn't copy over the rom files yet, but it all works when I start the messagingapp and tmail up from the \Program Files\Palm Messaging\ folder. Gonna try the rom copy now.
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    LOL I hope I can do this install....

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