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    Has anyone order their Treo 750v from this Ebayer and already got the tracking number?
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    I ordered one of those yesterday myself. Their order status page says it shipped yesterday (10/17), but I never got a tracking number, as promised in the eBay listing.

    I emailed them asking if it had in fact shipped, and if so, what the tracking number was, but no reply.

    These folks have a good rating, but don't seem very good at communication.

    Based on them saying it shipped yesterday, and the fact that the shipping that was included/paid for was all "priority/express overnight", I figured I might receive it today, but it's not looking good. With no tracking number, there's no way to tell, which I really don't like.

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    order yesterday and got my tracking number this afternoon, i will get my phone tomorow

    dont worry popcorn with my tracking info i can see it was ship yesterday, and i just got the tracking today
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    X1387 has a great reputation and has been selling high end phones for years, I dont think you all have anything to worry about.
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    I've got no doubt that I'll receive my phone in a reasonable timeframe, so I'm not concerned about getting ripped off or such.

    I would have simply preferred better communication to avoid having to guess on arrival times. That drives me nuts.


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