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    how do i uninstall programs i no longer want. i'm not sure where to go exactly.

    also, i've used a PVR and it recorded to main memory....which i now need to delete it from. assistance?

    thank you
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    go to start>settings>system>remove programs
    Jimmie Geddes
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    All depends on how you installed the programs. If you installed from your PC, then start ActiveSync and use it to uninstall. Tools | Add/Remove Programs. If you installed from a cab file, go to Start | Settings then click the System tab and use Remove Programs to uninstall.

    Use File Explorer to find the file you want to delete, highlite it and hold your stylus on it. A popup menu should come up and you can select Delete.

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    for the pvr you probably can use file explorer and navigate to the folder it put the video in and delete it that way.
    Jimmie Geddes

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