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    I tried to search, but didn't know exactly what to search for. If someone can point me in the right direction that would be great. I have my Treo 700w set to power down the screen at 30 seconds and to power off at 1 minute. It does this without problem when my headset is off.

    The problem I'm having is, if I make a call (or receive a call) with the headset on, when the call is over, other person hangs up or I disconnect with the headset button, my Treo will never go back to sleep. The screen dims all the way, so unless you pay close attention, you don't know it's on...but it doesn't ever shut off.

    An example, after class in the evening (9:00pm) I call my wife and let her know I'm on my way. I disconnect the call using the headset and leave the Treo sitting in my cup holder. Its an hour drive home, and when I get there I pick up my Treo only to find while the screen is completely dim, the Treo is still on.

    This is sucking battery life because the Treo isn't sleeping. Also, I set my treo in Lock mode...cause I have problems with buttons being pressed in my case. If my treo doesn't go back to sleep after a headset call....who knows what my treo does when the buttons are accidently pressed.

    Anyone else experience this and have suggestions?

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    19 views and no posts....must be just me. I have found if I end the call on the phone and not the headset (even though I just used the headset for the call) that the phone will go back to sleep. It just won't go back to sleep if I end the call on the headset.
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    Just a guess but perhaps the audio gateway is still active. After hanging up or ending the call, try pressing the button on the headset once.

    Let us know.
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    I will attempt to give this a shot and report back. Thanks for the tip.
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    Any luck on this I am experiencing the same thing, I tried pushing the headset button after ending the call but it only stay with the screen dim and doesnt turn off. I am using a plantronics discovery 645 headset. This is my second treo 700w and this has occured on both of them so far.
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    I have the same issue. When connected (white bluetooth logo) the screen stays on. I think its a common issue, because when you manually shut the screen off, after a minute the bluetooth drops out! So I leave it on. It does eventually shut off, then eventually the bluetooth conection drops out, and the cycle continues. What a joke!
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    I havent had a problem with the bluetooth dropping out yet on either phone. But I usually turn bluetooth off if I'm not using my headset to preserver batt life. If I end the call with the phone button it will turn the screen off after a minute. and occasionaly after ending the call with the headset it will turn the phone off after a minute. I have to look further into it and see if its on short phone calls that last under a minute before the screen gets to dim if thats when it turns the phone off when ending with the headset. This is a big annoyance if you have the phone in a case and are answering with the headset you then have to take out the phone to turn off the screen.
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    Pressing the headset button again after ending the call does not help. I have to actually turn the phone off with the phone or the screen stays on. Very annoying. I haven't had the bluetooth drop out on me that's good.
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    I found this out today. after you end the call if you press a button on the treo to wake the screen up and turn the backlight back on. If you leave it alone it will then turn off the device.

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