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    Well if you check my posts since Sept 5th when I went with my "first" 700wx you will see that I have had constant problems syncing with MS Outlook. Well ... now nearing the end of my second 700 wx's 30 day "trial" period I am about to the end of my patience with this brick.

    So ...I get Treo God at Sprint yesterday (that is his email name) who claims he will be my savior and lead me to the promise land of well syncing units. Well his "tweaking" yesterday (consisting only of clearing active programs via msconfig...and reloaded MS 4.2 software) did get my unit syncing fine all day yesterday.

    But...JUST AS I EXPECTED... this morning....the brick just sat there while I wished it would sync. Fortunately he gave me his personal email address...and will grace me with additional wisdom today me thinks.

    If this god straight in Mt. Olympus dosen't fix me up here in the next two little 700WX is being returned permanently. And I will most definitely start looking for something else.
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    well I hope you figure it out. a know how little problems can drive you crazy. good luck

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    I, too know the pain of the sync. Good luck indeed. It would almost certainly be enough to send me to another device.
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    You have probably already tried this, BUT... have you run the USBSWITCH program in the /windows directory to switch the AS connection from RNDIS to USB-SERIAL? I was unable to sync until I did this because of a corporate firewall issue.
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    The other thing that sometimes helps, which I read on another thread here somewhere, is to use ctrl-alt-del on your pc and kill the process named wcescomm (or something like that) and then try again. That has helped me a few times.
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    Yeah, ActiveSync can be a little flaky. It's too bad the MS software is giving the Palm hardware a blackeye like that.
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    well it is syncing's tweak was to do a soft reset(it started syncing immediately after that)...and then Treo God had me download "The Magic Button"...said that this program would terminate previously running programs entirely and with a "cleaner" profile the syncing would be much more effecient.

    Anybody have anything to say about "The Magic Button"?
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    Very small simple program that does exactly what itis supposed to. Love it, but for some reason the upper right corner on my today screen had a different color (slightly) then the rest of the top bar. Little annoying for me. The color is fine with the normal color themes, but I use the INDIGO default theme, and its an issue.

    I ended up with pocket plus because I can set "exceptions" to the close feature, and some other features the program has...

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