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    from the auction:

    Question & Answer Answered On

    Q: Hi.. I am very interested in one of these. If they are unbranded does it mean that they are pre-production units? Thanks digitalrio
    A: Hi there, Actually sorry, we made a mistake. These are actually Vodafone branded. I'm not sure if these are locked or unlocked since I don't have the phone here yet. Sorry all for the confusion. I will repost the right info when I receive the phones. Jon MobileWorldGSM
    Looks like they are not unbranded. Too bad.
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    That's good of him to post that answer but shouldn't he change the auction details now rather than waiting till he has the phones? Just my opinion...
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    i ordered one. this better be the phone of my dreams
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    ordered yesterday morning, received tonite (their staff gave me in person coz apparently their asia warehouse is in hong kong they didnt refund my shipping fee though)

    perfect condition, unlocked vodafone.
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    YES YES YES i just received my new treo 750 from ups . it is vodafone, unlock and bought it from x1387 on ebay
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    Received the 5 ordered this afternoon.
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    For those of you have have gotten the 750's, what carriers are you using them with?
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    Cingular. Also tried a T-Mobile SIM just long enough to see that it was working for voice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtswerg View Post
    For those of you have have gotten the 750's, what carriers are you using them with?
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    @ Marcus

    unlocked Vodaphone or unbranded?
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    I got one from the same auction as Marcus. It's a Vodafone.

    I've spent 2 hours trying to get the @#%! thing to sync. I couldn't get USB to work, so I had to use bluetooth, which also took a while.

    Then it kept throwing an error code when I tried to sync my contacts. After compacting my contacts and rebooting both the phone and pc, they synched up.

    I'm not sure why my IE favorites on the desktop don't sync with the 750.

    The phone works. I'm using Cingular. Now off to play.
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