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    i don't know about the rest of you, but i told someone else, that had the x and the wx, this a thay didn't know about it. if you press the center button in the dpad while on phone call it mutes the call. press agian to un-mute.

    just thought i would share with the rest of you guys.

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    Great to know. Thanks

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    well if you are highlighting the mute button it will mute if is the speakerphone it will put on speakerphone
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    no, this is without highlighting anything. just make the call, talk a little, and push the button.
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    Because when you call someone the thing highlighted for default is the mute button. Just take a look. Call someone and you will see the mute button highlighted. If you have the touchscreen disabled then you will see nothing because the mute and speaker button are under the "touchscreen disable" label.

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