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    Why does the phone delete POP email when it's no longer on the server? It's syncing with the server but I just want it to blindly download and stop there - I can handle the rest.

    It's pretty annoying that all my emails are cleared away from my phone the moment I delete mail from the server. Is there a setting to have it just download email from the POP server and NOT clear it off until I MANUALLY delete them from the phone? Sometimes I'd like to keep emails on the phone so that I can reply while on the road... Then when I'm on the road... my inbox is EMPTY!! Geez!

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    Try creating a new folder on your phone outside of your inbox if you want to hang onto mail after you delete it from the server... this may work for your problem...
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    Yea that works unless I forget to move them. I've thought about creating another email account like then setting the hosting account to forward all emails from to

    Before I do that, it seems like there should be a simple setting to prevent this. Even my SideKick handled POP email better.
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    My web hosting service ( lets me have up to 600 accounts. I created a separate account with a ".mobile" for the email addy. I noticed that emails will stay on the phone even after POP'ing the account SO LONG that you do not log into the account via webmail and delete the emails manually.

    Let me get this straight - does the POP function the 700w/wx series automatically "Leave a copy on the server" after it checks for email?

    I have never had any emails "disappear" as long as I didn't mess with them via the webmail access. The email account will automatically purge every couple months too (per the settings in the web hosting, email control panel).
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    That "feature" of WM is especially annoying. Not only does it delete them, but they vaporize from the phone - they're not even in the deleted folder. I never found a fix other than creating another folder and copying messages over, which as you note isn't a very good solution. I'm not sure why Outlook thinks it knows better than you what you want done with messages, but it does.
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    It's Microsoft's way of forcing us to use their mail servers/software.
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    Is my webhosting service unique?

    When I POP email accounts from my Sprint Treo 700wx it doesn't "pull down" the emails. It just takes down a copy. If someone manually logs into the account via webmail and deletes mails, then it obviously will delete them on the phone the next time it send/receives.

    This has never been an issue for me since I created dedicated accounts for my Treo. I still have not heard anything from anyone regarding if it is indeed true that WM5 Email only "leaves a copy of the email on the server" when it POP's. Can someone confirm this verbatim from a manual? It seems to be going on with my service but I am suspecting that my mail server might have a special tweak.
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    That is pathetic.

    Is there an alternative email client to used on WM5 Treo? (Something like Snappermail which is on Palm and excellent)
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    on ur outlook email...GUESS it could be more than outlook...

    hit message >> scroll to outlook email >> click menu >> tools >> options >> storage tab >> empty message "MANUALLY"
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    in pocket outlook, is it possible to selectively delete messages off server while keeping others? (POP3)

    Example: I get 5 messgaes. I want to delete 3 off server, and keep 2, so when I log on my PC, I can download those 2.

    every pop3 email client I have ever used in the past 10 years has had this ability.

    Maybe it's obvious, but I don't see it.
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    I figured this out. You need to "double delete", and it will take it off the server.

    Make sure you have unchecked the "remove email after x days" in the account setup.

    Then, when you get an email you want to delete, delete it from the inbox, and then emtpy the deleted items folder for that account (I call it a double delete).

    Do a send/receive for that account, and that message(s) will be deleted from you POP3 server.
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    mikec, This isn't what they are saying. Once you download your emails with your home computer the emails get removed from the phone too. Instead, they want the to download the emails and NOT get deleted. I'm also looking for a solution.

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    I've got this problem too with my GMail.

    It downloads the messages the first time, but on the NEXT send/receive it deletes the messages (unread ones too) out of my inbox on my Treo. WTF is going on!? It worked for the first two days. It also does the same thing whether or not I read the messages in Gmail from my desktop.

    I've even tried deleting and recreating the gmail account, same problem.
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    I'm trying a technique described in the SprintUsers Forum. Basically changing the login on gmail from to

    Edit: No Go. This problem is driving me crazy.
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    The solutions to the "disappearing" POP3 email (where once it is retreived from the server by your desktop PC, it automatically is removed from your inbox on your Pocket Outlook account) is fairly simple.

    If you move emails from the inbox to another folder, they will stay on the device until you delete manually delete them. Yes, this is an extra step, it's only a couple clicks.

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