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    Are there any one button launchers available for the wm5 platform and the wx? I used buttler and another program on my palm and they worked very well and were very simple.

    By one button i mean - when hold "I" on my treo keyboard, it opens up PIE or "w" for word or something similar.
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    i am still looking for an answer to this question!

    Someone could make alot of money if they would simply port it over. Alternatively, I'd consider giving styletap a try--but I doubt it'd work. You could try to run butler that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pufftissue View Post
    i am still looking for an answer to this question!

    Someone could make alot of money if they would simply port it over. Alternatively, I'd consider giving styletap a try--but I doubt it'd work. You could try to run butler that way.
    It's actually not a "simple port" and using Styletap definitely will not work.

    Answer me this: how are you going to seperate the Speed Dial system (which does that: hold "M" for "Mike") from something that would do "M" for "Magiccall"?

    That's why this is not an easy port, you're are overlapping with another system program. Not that it can't be done, it's just not straight forward.

    Having said that, QooLApps is working on something similar called QTask, though I' am not sure it will do all of that:

    It will be eventually done for the 700wx like QCaps will be, but there are issues to be worked out.

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    so I used Butler religiously on my 650, and here's how I use WM to get a somewhat similar experience:

    You know that anytime an app or menu command has a letter underlined in it, all you have to do is hit that corresponding letter on the keyboard, and that app (or menu command) will be invoked.

    So if you pick the apps you use most often, and put them into the start menu (I have a few of the default, like Calendar and Messaging, but I've also added in Verichat, eReader, PhatNotes, and a couple more), each of those apps will get its own single letter designation (eReader gets 'R', for instance). That way, anytime I want to launch eReader, no matter where I am, all I have to do is hit the Start button, and R - boom, I'm in eReader.

    By the same token, the apps that you use most often (but that you haven't put INTO the start menu) will show up at the top of that Start menu drop down/pop up, and you can quickly navigate to them that way. Kind of like the 'My Recent Documents' on your PC.

    It took me a while to wean myself off of Butler and those other little hacks and applets I'd come to depend on, with my 600/650, but now I much prefer the navigational methods of Windows Mobile. Using the 'OK' button to go back one step, and using the Start Menu as I've described above - just seems to me more intuitive to me, than Butler and all those other things.

    It took a while, but I'll never go back, now, to any other OS.
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    JonnyMac - thanks , thats great. What way have you found to go directly to web links like you could using palm favorites and butler? That to me is the real issues as I have several saved favorites that I can one key got to.
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    ewhip -

    what I do in that case is use the Start Menu/letter shortcut as I mentioned above (Start + letter 'I' launches Internet Explorer) and then I hit Menu F (for Favorites), and then the first letter of the Favorite ('G' for Google, etc) and that bookmark is launched. They key there is that Favorites (or, bookmarks, to use the Palm OS terminology) can be launched with their first letter, once you're in the Favorite view. Or if you have your Favorites organized into Folders, as I do, the relevant folder will open. 'S' for Sports, 'T' for Travel, etc.

    I must admit I didn't use Butler to get bookmark a single letter, so the process that I use now is at least as good or better than what I used to do on my 650. You may have a different opinion....
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    nothing beats Initiate for Palm, by same developer of Butler, you setup website links under memos app and once your in Initiate all you do is start typing the web name and boom, Blazer opens and starts going to the website - very cool!

    WM5 doesn't have this, its a shame!
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    Although slightly different, I have found AEBUTTON Plus to be reallly helpful. it allows you to assign up to 4 items per button (single press, double, triple, and long).

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    Bringing up an old thread.

    I am looking for a button launcher similar to what Standalone's TypeRight offers. Basically, I would like to find an app that will allow me to press and hold any of the QWERTY keys and have it launch an app. This is what TypeRight does for Palm OS Treos. I am wondering if there is such an app for Windows Mobile.

    I am going to get a Treo 750 (currently trying it out) and would appreciate any suggestions.

    Does the QooLApps support the Win Mobile devices yet? Thanks!
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    Although not a great advance, there is a hack to the registry that adds "hold" functionality to the camera button on the side, thereby giving you access to 2 apps from this button instead of one. It was posted here a while back.

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