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    I recently purchased the belt holster for the 700w from Verizon and I love it. I do have a question. When I remove the 700w from the holster while it is ringing the ringing stops. It acts like the ringing is dismissed but the phone shows it has an incoming call. I have tried to figure out why this happens but can not. Does anyone have any idea why this happens and what I can do to keep the phone ringing?
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    Thed only way to stop ringing is to press a key on the keyboard, so that must be what is happening when you take the phone out of the holster. I don't have that holster, so I have no idea what you can do to avoid it; but see if you can take the phone out of the holster somehow without touching the keys...
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    I think that happens when you press a key on your keyboard. If you can get it out without pressing your keyboard it should keep ringing. Try it out with the phone just laying on your desk.

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    Thanks for the reply Littlepat and Greg.

    I looked closer and it appears that one or more of the keys on the bottom of the 700w are getting pressed when I remove the phone from the holster. I guess I must be tilting it while removing it. I tried it being very careful and it continues to ring. Problem solved.

    Thank you!

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