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    I jsut cant get used to the Media PLayer 10 on here. Compared to the Real Player on my 650 the usability is so different and I have to get used to the shortcuts again. Lots of little annoying things like how the playlists are made, and if theres no ID3 tag it wont play it. The thing i HATE the most is the background playback doesnt work. On my 650, i could put music on and press the Power button to turn the screen off. And this 700 If i play music and press the power button for the screen, the music stops. Then when you press the power button to bring the screen back on it takes a bit and the phone freezes. Ive had it reset on me too.

    ? = is there anything better to play music with. Ive looks around but dont see anything for a "mobilepc" type. Example MMPlayer seems to be for Palm OS only, anybody got any ideas?
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    here's how to get the screen to come off during playback:

    however, the keyboard lights do stay on, you'll have to make the registry changes in the following thread to make them come off with when the screen is toggled by Windows Media Player/TCPMP:
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    I have a question also... is there a way to hide the control panel at the bottom of the player? I have gone to full screen but the sides (left and right) of the screen are cut off. I just want to have a picture that is viewable without a magnifying glass.

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