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    I've set up a Gmail account, it accepts all my information. It logs in and downloads all my headers. My inbox is empty. I try again, zero updates. Has anyone experienced this problem? I am, of course, in the Gmail Inbox, and not another account's inbox, and it does say its downloading headers.

    Any thoughts?


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    I started suffering from this problem this weekend, posted here, and received no responses. Then I started messing around with random (relevant) settings, and voila!

    Here's what you do to fix it (well it fixed my instance of this problem).

    Messaging -> Menu -> Tools -> Options -> (Select your gmail account)

    Now, start hitting next until you get to the screen named 'E-mail Setup (4/4)'

    Hit the 'Options' button.

    Hit 'Next' until you get to the 'Options (3/3)' screen.

    Make sure the selection in the drop down box is 'Get message headers only', in addition to the 'Include' checkbox being checked and the box denoting KB of message body has the number 999 in it.

    Hit 'Finish' and then send yourself a gmail email and then check it with your phone and it should show up.

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    have done all that has been advised. Nothing happens !i get a log on and thenfinished!

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