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    I have an interesting issue that I haven't seen anyone else talk about yet. It's rather annoying and I would like to know how to fix it. That is why I have come to the experts.

    After I turn my screen on, I go to initiate a call. Every time I try to initiate the first call, the status goes from dialing to hanging up. I try to dial again and it works the second time. Is there a reason why my phone won't initiate the call on the first try when I first turn the screen on? Like I said, it is very annoying. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I have a similar problem. Usually on the first call of the day (after a soft reset the night before) the phone dose not seem to dial out. The screen will say it's dialing, but there is no sound, and after what seems like a long time it will hang up. On the second call out things seem to be fine. This is mildly annoying but is not a huge issue, nevertheless I expect a $$$$ phone to not do these sort of things. Hoping someone else here has an idea about what causes this.
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    mine does the same thing....
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    Are you in a 1X area or EVDO? Do you have direct push enabled? I have a ppc6700 in a 1x and direct push causes this to happen and it really sucks! I have been thinking about moving to the 700wx because of this issue.

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