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    When you perfrom a Hard Reset on the Treo 700wx does this return it completely to it's original "out-of-the-box" condition or do some things remain in memory, is there anyway to get the unit completley to it's original condition?
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    yes doing a hard reset will return it to the same state as it was when it came out of the box
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    not completely, doing a ##786# will completely wipe it. you need your msl# for this. once wiped you will need you msid and msn to reprogram. a hard reset will wipe almost everything.
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    Can you be more specific as to what the hard reset doesn't clear? And if you have a few minutes could you elaborate on how to return a 700wx back to it's original out of the box state? I seem to have munged things up on my Treo and I'd like to start with a clean slate...(out of the box state). Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    first off you need your msl#. second if the regular hard reset doesnt work then this meathod could be used. the reset that i was talking about is just more towards the t of box state. out of box the treo wasn't programed with your msid and msn #. a hard reset will keep these settings. the only other thing i have ever noticed is that if you enable the service beep, and then hard reset, it retains this setting. this is disabled out of box. the complete wipe done with the ##786# would be good if you were reselling your phone. just do the regular hard reset and post back if you still have problems.

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