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    I would like to arm a reporter with equipment to go out and get a voice, video and some photos.

    If I upgraded to a TREO device how can I record a movie on a camcorder (What brand??) and download it to my TREO device and then upload it to an FTP site?

    So, what do I need?
    1. A TREO device (model)
    2. Neuros storage for video file to move from TREO device
    3. And to be able to connect this TREO to a camcorder device and upload that video to an FTP site

    4. Trying to consolidate and have less equipment for them to carry
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    In a recent mobilitytoday podcast they spoke about their setup. They had a small video camera which recorded directly to a SD memory card. By using a miniSD to SD adapter, you could record directly to the mini-SD card, pop the card into your Treo and upload straight away.


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