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    I'm having an issue with Gmail POP3 to my phone.

    I'm using the "recent:username" so it will download messages even after I download them with my computer.

    I also do not have my computer and phone set to sync e-mail.

    I want to be able to delete the message from my phone without deleting from the gmail server. How can I do this?
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    Are you saying if you delete the message from the phone it actually does delete it from the server???
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    POP3 delete will not delete mail on Gmail server but only mark it as "downloaded". Gmail handles this different than most others ISPs.
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    that's what I thought. however the mail is not being moved to the archuved mail as it should be. when I tell my phone to deleted the message off my phone, it is moved to gmailLs trash folder.
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    Are you using a 3rd party app? I know you can configure gmail settings on the gmail site itself. Sorry I don't have acess to a computer at the moment. I usually have mine se to leave the mail in the inbox. It that the setting you chose on the gmail server?
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    no third party app. i use outlook on 700wx and on the pc. I have gmail set to archive messages after downloading from the pc, but downloading on the phone shouldn't matter because for my username i'm using "recent:usename" which will download messages without moving them so they still show up ar home. my problem is not what happens on reciept of messages but when i delete them on my phone, they're moved to trash on gmail.
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    In the Gmail settings you can choose (after downloading mail via POP3) to leave it in inbox, archive it or delete it. All three work for me though I leave it in inbox.

    I have mine forwarded to an IMAP4 IDLE account and access my mails from there. Very comfortable!

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