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    I picked up a 4gb SD card for my Treo 700wx. When installing PocketBreeze, and other programs, is it best to install them on internal memory? Or is there really no difference if I install it on my storage card. I didn't know if installing something on the card would make the Treo run slower especially if it is something like PocketBreeze which is right on the Today screen all of the time.

    Is there any difference really?


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    normally, if it's on the today screen it's on main memory.
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    what about lets say a skin for WisBar? is it better to keep that on internal memory?
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    in general, anything you need to load at startup is recommended to go on main memory.
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    How about Magic Button? I installed it on SD card, and everytime I do a soft restart, it says that MAGICBUTTON.EXE can't be found. So i have to run MB again.
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    Besides the today screen, any app that needs to run in the background needs to be in main memory.

    Put it this way: When the phone is "asleep," it disconnects from the card. When you wake it up, it then needs to re-connect to the card. So ANYTHING that needs to access the card when sleeping, or more importantly waking up, is no good. Magic button is always on, so it needs to be in main memory. Same for pocketbreeze, since it is on the today screen (which is always on). Storing attachments to storage is bad also, because outlook runs even when the device is asleep, and if it tries to save an attachment, ur frozen. Same for ringtones, because people call when your phone is asleep.

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