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    Sorry if this is posted already, I couldn't find it. I'm looking to see where I could find good backgrounds for the Today screen of my Treo 700wx.

    I was trying out WisBar, but it does not seem like loading on any skin changes the today screen background. Am I missing something? If it doesn't change it, is there a site that has some good backgrounds for it?

    I went to the WisBar site and I see some backgrounds that look pretty good but I guess they don't come with the skins unless I'm doing it wrong.


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    Skins for Wisbar can be found both in the "skins" area of the Lakeridge Web Site or in their forum area for Wisbar Skins.

    Today Screen themes are all over the place.

    A good resource is
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    Wisbar does not control the background. It skins mainly the top and bottom bars.
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    Also most WA2 themes do contain .tsk files for the background. Just make sure you put these files in "My Documents", and select the one you want from the Today > Appearance tab.

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