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    I am about to make the plunge switching OS. Those of you that switched from a palm 650/700 to the 700w/wx: are you happy? Any regrets or problems? Thanks!
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    well i didn't have the 650 but did have the 700p. i do miss threaded sms and sprint tv, but with the 750v having threaded sms i know we will get it as well. if it doesn't get hacked off the 750v it should be on the soon to be released update for the wx. sprint tv can be done through mobitv so no biggie.

    not being a long time user of pos i found it a little harder than wm5.0 to figure out. things like hot sync vs. activesync, storage card navigation, i found to be easier on the wx than the p. i'm not nocking the p at all. i only had it for 2 months.

    no regrets here
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    I had the 600, the 650 and the 700p.

    No regrets at all. Quite the opposite. After a few weeks of getting up to speed, I am much happier.

    The only downside is loss of threaded SMS, but I agree with what Cody said.

    Also, battery life is substantially worse. Oh well.
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    Screen resolution and screen brightness are also pretty poor compared to the 700p.
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    I had the 700P - had to reset every day, horrible BT (sound quality / disconnect with headsets), no multitaksing. WM5 is sooooooo much more powerful and stable (rarely have to reset), BT experience is much better, and I can actually mutitask! Use my BT GPS and other apps at the same time. I'm very happy with my upgrade from 700p to wx.
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    I have been a long POS user from the VX days to the Treo 300/600/650/700p to PPC6700 to now the WX. POS is dead and has been for awhile now. I agree that threading is nice but it will show up one day on WM5. I'm happ and would recommend switching to anyone.
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    I switched from a 650 to a Cingular 8125 and now waiting on the 750w - I've been using PalmOS and WM for over 7 years now, and when they were really competitive, I would keep going back and forth. However, by 2004 it was pretty obvious that Palm was losing after Sony got out of the game (my last TRUE POS PDAs were Clies). So I went back to PPCs for a while. However, I felt that I needed a converged device to keep me better organized/entertained, and the Treo 650 was really the only viable option I could see (SX66 only had GPRS, was quite large, and had that annoying keyboard). I used the 650 for a year, but the OS was really getting to me because it was so limited. I rarely used the Web on it because it was slow and moreso, because it would close out the page if I checked on something else. MUCH happier back with the 8125, and with the Treo form factor, I know I'll be extremely pleased.
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    I've made the switch from treo650 to 700wx and am loving it. As others have said, palmos is really dead. multitasking is amazing. I had the 650 almost 2 years and the only compromises are the screen resolution and battery seems to last less. A worthy trade for all the new features and functionality that wm5 gives.
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    I'm loving my 700wx, I still have my 700p, but use my 700wx much more. The 700wx can do so m6ch more.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Well, I've had a palm in one from or another since the Palm IIIe. My first Treo was the 700p. I kept that for about 2 weeks, then switched to the 700wx. It seems more powerful. Only thing is the intuitive interface is gone along with the battery.
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    I posted my impressions in a thread I started last week (won't bore you with a repeat).
    I'm okay with the upgrade to the 700wx.
    I wish the screen resolution were the same.
    Apps seem to take a second or two longer to load but that's easily correctable by closing running programs every so often.

    My 650 was effortless to use, but it took time to become one with the device. I'm hoping I bond with the 700wx the same way I did with the 650. I really like ActiveSync - it just simply works.

    I bought an extended life battery just before upgrading to the 700wx and my battery life seems fine. I had to dial back the Exchange sync to every 30 minutes but that's hardly a hardship.

    I'm stil evaluating software but right now I have PhoneAlarm, Flexmail and Sbp Time running on the device.

    I had a friends 700p for a few hours and I HATED where they moved the menu button. For that reason alone I am glad I'm on the 700wx.
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    upgraded from the 600. At first I was regretting it but I added the programs and made my changes and I love it

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